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Invest in the right accessories to prolong your favorite handbag's life!

Bagsential started as a premium brand to find a solution for bags losing their shape! Now our vast variety of products: the Bag Pillows, Bag Boxes, Bag Seats, and Shoe Shapers are not only a necessity but luxurious goods that will prolong the life of all your favorite items.

Choosing Bagsential means caring about your collectibles, treasuring your possessions, and taking care of items to accompany you as your best partner, always at maximum capacity.

While in storage and not in use, Bagsential will help you protect your investments by preserving their structure, preventing unnecessary ceasing, and keeping them from getting damaged. We believe high-end pieces are an investment and as such, you should always take care of them in order not to lose their value.

Offering a long life to your precious luxury goods is what we do.
In today’s age where luxury meets longevity, we provide a thoughtful solution to keep your luxury items looking at their best.

We present to you mindful products to help you keep your favorite designer bags and shoes in mint condition. When it comes to Bagsential we have a variety of the finest products to keep them pristine.

All of our products are designed to fit perfectly with any bag or shoe size you own and aid in keeping them in the same ideal conditions as you first saw them.

Bagsential makes it easier for you to have an outstanding system that protects and organizes your luxury goods – thus making them timeless luxuries!


A kind note!

While we appreciate you and thank you for your lovely visit, please keep in mind that Bagsentail is not associated with brands like: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Bottega Veneta, YSL, Goyard, Dolce and Gabanna,Gucci, Hermes, Prada, etc. We are our own brand and we do not have a collaboration with the mentioned or alike brands.