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BagHeels for Birkin

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The four clous are essential components of a bag, as they provide support and protection to the base leather. These matching hardware pieces, located at the four feet of the bag, help it stand straight and safeguard the leather from any potentially damaging surfaces. However, over time, these clous may lose their shine and color, which can diminish the overall appearance and value of the bag.

To address this issue, Bagsential offers a specialised product called the “Four Clous.” This unique solution is designed to help maintain the shine and color of these hardware pieces, ensuring that your bag retains its original allure and value. By using the Bagsential Four Clous, you can protect your bag from the effects of wear and tear, preserving its overall aesthetic appeal.

BagHeels for Birkin
BagHeels for Birkin Sale price€32,00